Climate-Smart Cotton Through a Sustainable and Innovative Supply Chain Approach


We are pleased to announce that ECOM USA, LLC’s grant proposal has been selected and signed through the USDA’s Partnership for Climate-Smart Commodities. Our project has a funding ceiling of $30 million and is structured so that as much funding as possible will directly reach growers in the form of Impact Payments. ECOM is directly contributing its own resources at no cost to the federal grant. 


“In addition to the natural benefits of sustainable agriculture, this grant allows producers who partner with ECOM to be financially compensated for their efforts in growing Climate-Smart Cotton. We welcome the opportunity to work with early adopters as well as those who are looking to implement new practices onto their farms. Furthermore, ECOM will bring together the full supply chain, with greater visibility and trust between producers and consumers,” said Brady Raindl, Purchasing Manager of ECOM USA, LLC.


The project offers inclusive enrollment opportunities to U.S. cotton producers. Our activities will expand climate-smart cotton markets and implement methods to restore soil and ecosystem health in cotton production through regenerative farming and best practices based on grower-specific needs. We and our grant partners will incentivize the implementation of climate smart cotton production practices, create grower educational resources, engage growers on-farm for reporting and monitoring requirements, and build marketing channels that support long-term demand for climate smart cotton. 


“Quarterway Cotton Growers is excited to be named as a partner with ECOM USA on the Climate Smart Grant. We have a long history of working with ECOM USA on many innovative projects that propel our farmers to the forefront of regenerative agriculture. Through this grant, we will be able to continue our journey into regenerative practices that not only are good for the earth, but also provide meaningful improvement to farm profitability,” said Todd Straley, CEO and Managing Partner of Quarterway Cotton Growers in Plainview, TX. 


We will work with program farmers and key textile industry participants to further intensify and target cooperation with clients around the purchase and sale of climate-smart cotton. A core aspect of this grant is the development of long-term strategies and agreements that progress the market for climate-smart cotton in a way which is economically sustainable for all value chain players – from farmer to consumer.


“At 5Loc Cotton, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with ECOM USA and other project partners in this opportunity to enhance the US cotton value chain and support farmers in their adoption and transition to climate-smart practices, and provide market stakeholders with traceable, sustainably produced cotton. This project is important to all of us, as we continue on the pathway of net-zero carbon emissions,” said Founder of 5Loc Cotton Brent Crossland.


Major project partners include Quarterway Cotton Growers, Earthworm Foundation, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension, Control Union USA, 5Loc Cotton, and more to be announced.


"This collaboration builds on our global efforts to support regenerative agriculture," said Kimberlee Chambers, US and Canada Agriculture Program Manager at the Earthworm Foundation. "As an international nonprofit, we work from farm to boardroom to bring about systematic changes in sustainable and regenerative supply chains that work for people and nature. We're thrilled to partner with ECOM USA, project partners, and American cotton growers on this impactful Climate Smart Grant in order to further that mission."


ECOM is thrilled to connect public and private resources, advancing the adoption of U.S. climate-smart cotton. Collaboratively, we are building a more resilient U.S. cotton value chain! 


For more information about the program or to enroll, contact:

For more information on the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities Program, visit:


About the ECOM Group


The ECOM Group was founded in 1849 and has operations in 40+ countries. Thanks to our pioneering, innovative spirit, ECOM was an early adopter of certification and an advocate of farm-level support. We have spent nearly two decades embedding sustainable, ethical practices into our coffee, cocoa, and cotton supply chains worldwide. “Going forward, we will continue to innovate and create climate-smart solutions so that we can have a positive impact across all the markets in which we operate,” said Alain Poncelet, ECOM Group Chief Executive Officer.


ECOM Cotton has a local presence in almost all major cotton-producing markets. 'Improve Cotton, improve lives' refers to ECOM’s vision connecting the team’s initiatives, innovations and improvements from the farm to the shelf. With our experience, expertise and innovative mindset, ECOM is far more than just a merchant. We are a trusted partner. We’re here to make connections, find solutions and create prosperity for the people who work in, live with and love cotton.




ECOM USA is the ECOM Group’s US-based cotton sourcing and merchandising entity and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. ECOM USA is one of the leading handlers and is active in sourcing, storing, selling and shipping cotton from across the cotton belt to clients in the United States and around the world.   


We have offices with procurement, sales, logistics, operations and trading personnel in Dallas, Lubbock, Memphis, Savannah and New York and federally-approved, bonded cotton warehousing operations in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Memphis and California. 


We are actively involved in industry associations, were an early adopter of the Better Cotton Initiative, is a participant in the US Cotton Trust Protocol, and is a GOTS-certified handler of organic cotton, and offers Transitional Organic cotton certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture. In 2022, ECOM USA became the first cotton merchant to be certified regenagri®. We offer 3rd party verified and certified cotton that is 100% traceable from grower to mill.




This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under agreement number NR233A750004G043.


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